Welcome to Katie Cox & Co! We are a boutique firm that specializes in tax planning & preparation, accounting & financial statements, business advisory & consulting services. We focus on this so you can focus on what matters to you whether it is growing your business, traveling, or enjoying more time with your family.

We are here to help you through the ever-changing tax code while implementing tax strategies that will help your unique situation. Our associates are committed in maintaining the highest level of standards & professionalism with each client while providing you with the highest quality information, product, & services to help you reach your individual goals and dreams.


I have been working with Katie for almost 15 years and I can’t say enough good things about her, her expertise, and how she helped me and my family. Before I met Katie, I thought of accounting as an impersonal/cold core part of the business or money world, somehow separate from the “helping people” service field because it was a “numbers thing.” When you work with Katie you quickly feel a joyful surprise with how she has destroyed this stereotype. She has taken accounting and taxes to a level far beyond just “knowing her business or mastering her field.” She spends all the time needed to do the job right and it is a pleasure to get to work with her.

Kate is a gifted accountant who shares her craft in such a heart centered way. When I am done talking to Katie, I feel I was carefully listened to and taken care of. I truly feel she cares about me, my family and her clients. She is on your team, has your back, and takes time to ask and listen to your story. I have loved working with her. She is a blessing to me, my family and my business. Throughout the year she answers any questions/ emails so quickly, helping to keep us financially healthy.

Her dog, Beefcake, is a peaceful delight and is often around providing some natural pet therapy. It may sound strange, but when I prepare my documents to hand over to Katie I actually do it with a light-hearted feeling knowing we will get to catch up soon!

You can trust that Katie will get your taxes done right and provide you expert advice. I would highly recommend her business and know you be so impressed as you start enjoying the tax experience too.

Erin Fowler

I’ve known and worked with Katie Cox for over 15 years. We began as colleagues with similar business focus, and client needs. Our professional relationship evolved into a friendship and eventually asking Katie to do tax filings for me personally and for my clients . Katie has a high level of integrity and character. These key traits in conjunction with her bubbly personality are why I choose to know her personally and professionally. Katie also has a unique ability to relay the tax codes and laws to individuals in a common sense way allowing people to find comfort interpreting their multifaceted lives. I highly recommend Katie!

Travis R. McIntyre, Vice President First City Bank

I’ve had the privilege of being Katie’s client for the past three years. As a new business owner, I knew there would be a huge learning curve for me when it came to understanding taxes and navigating other financial challenges. Ever since our very first meeting, Katie has given me the confidence to better understand the financial aspects of my small business. Katie’s knowledge and experience has been invaluable to me, especially when learning Quickbooks and the fundamentals of owning an S-Corp. She has empowered me to stay motivated, be inspired and take action towards my financial goals. Thank you for always being an amazing mentor and source of constant support!

S.Y. Shakti Wellness, LLC Owner

We have depended on Katie to assist us with more than tax filings for nearly two decades resulting in a relationship of trust and support. From our beginning, she assisted with creating a framework with which to account for all of our varied activities. As time progressed, she worked closely with us as our business evolved to make certain we were in the best tax situation possible. Katie has always kept us on track, even with time constraints, to ensure documents were filed on time and accurately.

Under the current COVID circumstances, Katie has been instrumental in bringing clarity while guiding us through the PPP program and unusual tax laws. While we have a solid background in accounting and tax law at POINT, her help and empathy was much needed and appreciated.

Throughout the years Katie has always been available, engaged, and enthusiastic to work with.

G.S. & W.S., Products of Innovative Technology, LLC